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Gourmet Restaurant in Noto

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This summer Viviana Varese chooses Sicily for her new project (restaurant). She travels South to the heart of the Mediterranean where the sun and nature are the main characters.
She returns to her origins to connect again with her roots, more and more VIVA.

chef Viviana Varese
chooses Sicily "

Among the hills of the Val di Noto, halfway between the city with its churches, noble palaces and the countryside, is Country House Villadorata, within an estate that extends for 25 hectares, surrounded by olive groves, almond groves , citrus groves and a small vineyard.

All the cultivations on the Villadorata estate follow the biodynamic method, which does not involve the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and considers the earth as a great organism to be protected and its fertility to be optimized for.

on the right
the Hostess
Cristina Summa
on the left Chef
Viviana Varese

Respect for ingredients, sustainability, enhancement of a territory and its biodiversity, are the principles of this gastronomic experience together with the joy of “RISTORARE”.

In the restaurant menu, local products are the protagonists, in addition to vegetables, tomatoes and aromatic herbs, also ancient grain flours such as timilia and majorca, oil, citrus fruits; unique dishes prepared through smoking, fire and oven, characteristic of Viviana Varese’s cuisine and which tell of her roots.

The attention to the land starts from the use of the recovery of pruning of citrus, olive trees, almond trees as wood for the fire and for the new open kitchen of the restaurant, both inside, with the new room overlooking the surrounding countryside, and the outside.


Since 2022 the project is carried out by two former VIVA sous chefs, both with several years of experience alongside Viviana Varese who have also collaborated with the Chef for the new openings of Io sono VIVA dolci e ice cream in Milan: Matteo Carnaghi, now Executive Chef of W Villadorata and Ida Brenna, Pastry Chef together with a young team both in the kitchen and in the dining room formed at VIVA in Milan.

Since 2022 W Villadorata has joined the Alleanza Slow Food.


A la carte menu where the flavors of the raw materials of the Val di Noto and Sicily are enhanced by the creativity of the Chef. An internal room has a wood-burning kitchen, a total experience with seats at the counter to watch the show.


The wines on the menu are mainly of Sicilian origin, there are certainly sparkling wines, biodynamic, ancestral wines and Marsala D.O.C at the end of the meal.

w villadorata

VIVA the Mediterranean
VIVA the emotion
VIVA the earth, the fire, the air and the water
VIVA the perfume of the lemon

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