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Sicily, land of beauties

Steeped in the extraordinary Sicilian countryside, the luxury Resort Country House Villadorata mansions are today a contemporary summer residence.
A 23-acre estate, among olive groves, almond trees, lemon and orange trees, and vineyards cultivated with biodynamic method in full respect for nature and the environment.
A unique world for your senses to relish, a life experience to amaze your mind.

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The Country House environmental commitment is best expressed by our green choices. We strive to achieve maximum efficiency by taking advantages of natural resources. Solar panels are used for hot water heating. We are 100% autonomous in drinking water and irrigation.

We aim to eliminate single use plastics and to conserve energy via smart technologies. In addition, our wastewater treatment system allows us to obtain good-quality water, suitable for irrigation supplies.

We wish to make our guests aware of reducing water consumption and we encourage them to reuse and recycle. The estate is lighted mainly by LED lighting system. We reduce paper use.


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swimming pool
aqua madre

The large main pool, called Aqua Madre, is the heart of the Resort. Surrounded by Mediterranean scrubland and palm trees, it offers panoramic views of the Sicilian countryside. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Sicilian sun.
The ancient beneficial properties of salts of life, dissolved in the pool waters, recall the health-giving qualities of thermal waters. We use mineral salts based on magnesium, potassium, and trace elements.

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A large country estate surrounded by a stunning landscape and breathtaking panoramas, in the hills of Noto, nestled between the baroque city and the sea.
The Country House welcomes its guests in the enchanting scenery of the Sicilian countryside in an original late 19th century palmento, place formerly used for crushing grapes.
Let nature welcome you with wide open arms: relax and abandon yourself to one of the most exciting places in Sicily.


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Silence interrupted by sounds of nature, breathtaking landscapes, and the feeling to be lost in a timeless place to be experienced, savoured, and cherished in our memories.

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